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  • Hot melt glue machine automatic cartoning packaging machine cartoning machine operation process and safety operation standards

    1. Operation process of cartoning machine (1) Connect the power cord, turn on the power switch on the control panel, and press the emergency stop switch. (2) Turn on the main power of the hot melt adhesive machine, and set the temperature at about 150 to 180 °C. (3) Connect the air source: the a...
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  • Basic introduction of automatic horizontal glove medicine and food cartoning machine

    1. Introduction to the basic situation This machine is an automatic insert box cartoning machine. This automatic horizontal glove medicine and food cartoning machine is a high-tech product integrating machine, electricity, gas and light. This product is suitable for various types and specificati...
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  • Precautions for the use of Medicine cartoning machine

    1. Purpose and scope of use This medicine cartoning machine can seal various specifications of medicine boards and traditional Chinese medicine products in cartons and send them out. It is suitable for the packaging of various drugs and has a wide range of use. At the same time, according to the...
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  • Introduction of automatic medicine cartoning machine operation and material box

    Before using the automatic medicine cartoning machine, you should know how it works. Its working principle is very simple, and the basic workflow includes the entrance of the instruction manual, the entrance of the medicine bottle and the entrance of the machine carton. Basically, the whole proc...
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  • Common problems and solutions of HTH-120G automatic carton packaging machine

      Correct operation method (1) Connect the compressed air with the main machine (2) Connect AC 380V-50Hz Power (can be customized by the clients’ requirements) (3) Check the operation panel,  make the main motor, suction box, production pusher, sensor switch to “0”...
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  • Change product required adjustment

    Following instruction can help you change the carton box size. 1、adjust box delivery chain (1)manual close the carton box (2)open the upside cover (3)put the sealed carton box in the middle of chain (4)rotary adjust the handle, move the middle plate until output conveyor belt can catch ...
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  • Box Packaging Machine Working Procedure drawing

    1. down load carton box system This section consist of two parts. One is carton box loader and suck system. Carton Box Loader (see pic 1) Used to store carton box, can move back and forth, so it can be adjusted according to different size of carton box. Carton box can move left side and right sid...
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  • HTH-120G automatic carton packaging machine replacement carton adjustment instructions

    In the process of using the cartoning machine, we often use cartons of different specifications for material packaging. This article will show you how to deploy the machine to adapt to cartons of different sizes. Following instruction can help you change the carton box size. 1、adjust box deliv...
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  • Operating Instructions For HTH-120G Automatic Carton Box Packaging Machine

    Automatic carton box packaging machine has advantage of small volume, light weight, widely use, high capacity, one machine can use for many kinds of product. 1.Usage: Automatic carton box packaging machine suitable for all kinds of pharmaceutical packaging,automobile parts packaging, food packag...
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  • The working process of the automatic cartoning machine

    The automatic cartoning machine mainly adopts a series of complex transmissions, imitating human actions to automatically load food, medicine, health care products and manuals into the corresponding boxes, and automatically completes the unloading, opening, filling, closing, and some functions. ...
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  • Adjustment steps and diagrams of automatic cartoning machine

    The automatic cartoning machine is a part of the subsequent packaging process. With the development of automation technology and the increase in labor costs, many manufacturers have to choose automatic cartoning machines in order to improve production efficiency and save labor costs. High level, ...
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  • How to Buy a good Cartoning Machine

    No matter what product you are buying, you must see around for its quality, manufacturer, reasonable price, and so on. When buying a cartoning machine, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. The quality of the cartoning machine. Its design and structure can better resist external f...
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